I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve as your
Commissioner for the last four years. In my second term I'm
looking forward to completing the numerous projects that are
under way and I will continue to push back on state and federal
government overreach.

Eliminating the Rain Tax is just one example of taking a firm
stand so that Carroll citizens win at the end of the day.  I take my
Oath of Office seriously and will consistently fight for less
government and more freedom.  Why?  Because I love our
country and those who sacrificed so much  so that we can be
free.  I love our County and enjoy living where I grew up. I love
our kids and believe they should have a better world with more
opportunity than we did.  And most of all, I want to serve again
You are worth fighting for!                    

  •    Reduced taxes and county regulation
  •    NO RAIN TAX
  •    New state-of-the-art 911 Center built under budget allowing for the Public
    Safety Training Center to be built with no new bonding
  •    Co-sponsored Resolution declaring Carroll to be Maryland's First Second
    Amendment Sanctuary County
Robin is among that rare breed of elected officials who
views elected office as public service rather than a
vehicle for personal gain.  A vote for Robin is a vote for
Conservative Principles.

-Dan Bongino
Robin has always been a true public servant; someone
you can count on to make the right and conscientious

- Maryland State Senator Joe Getty
By Authority, Christopher Craig, Treasurer