About Robin


I grew up in Carroll County and graduated from Westminster High. My career was in finance as a loan officer, lending funds for anything from Student Loans to Commercial Loans. I attended Hopkins Night School, taking courses in finance and graduated with honors from the Institute for Banking.

I registered to vote at 18 and immediately joined the Tri-District Republican Club, where my now-husband and I dated in politics, as he likes to say.  In 1978 Democrats outnumbered Republicans by a margin of 2-to-1.  Don and I worked every carnival registering voters back then.  With the help of Ronald Reagan, Carroll County became a majority Republican County in 1990 when Larry Haines replaced Ray Beck in the Senate, and Joe Getty and I served together on the Republican Central Committee.

Don and I have been married for 30 years September 2014.  We have three girls, Joanna, Rebekah and Hannah who were just 10, 8, and 3 the first time I served as Carroll County Commissioner in 1998 – 2002, after serving as the Chairman of the Planning Commission the last two years of my 1994 – 1998 term.  In addition to my work on political committees and campaigns, I have been giving back to this wonderful community by participating in organizations such as 4-H, the ARC, MYF, and Student Marshalls as a youngster, and other organizations as the girls grew up such as the Good News Prison Ministry, Gideons, and AWANAs.

Today I serve as:

  • Corresponding Secretary for the Taneytown Republican Women’s Club
  • Member of the Taneytown Rod and Gun Club
  • Board Member of Agora Ministries
  • Vice President of the Women for Democracy
  • Member of INFRAGARD
  • Board Member of the Maryland Association of Counties
  • Secretary of the Board of County Commissioners
  • Appointed to The Governors’ Intergovernmental Commission on Agriculture

Robin – Rebekah – Don – Joanna – Hannah

Governor Ehrlich brought me in as the liaison between local and state government in his administration where I was eventually detailed to help with Tropical Storm Isabelle in the Office of Community Initiatives.  Before running for Commissioner in 2010, I became Vice President of Instant Access Networks. There, I worked with Chuck Manto to develop a prototype that proved a physical theory exactly as modeled, and produced an off-the-shelf, lightweight container to protect critical infrastructure from Electromagnetic Pulse. This is something Congressman Bartlett has been raising awareness on for decades.

Over the years, Don and I have hosted students from various countries.  Right now we have welcomed in Santiago Rodriguez from Columbia and Ke Xiaixon “Bill”, from China. Joanna, my oldest daughter, is a nanny for a family that doesn’t want to let her go!  I can completely understand why, as she is a wonderful and caring individual.

In 2012, my lovely daughter Rebekah, a biology teacher, married Mr. Travis Harrison and although I am not rushing it, I am looking forward to being a Grandmother – I hear it is awesome! My beauitful daughter, Hannah, is a sophomore on a volleyball scholarship at Bryan College in Tennessee, where she is working hard and doing well.  We are truly blessed!