Agora Honors Malawi Memorial Day March 3—& Its Soul Winning

News from Pastor Don:

Agora SOUL WINNING Clubs take off in Malawi, Central Africa.
103 give their lives to Christ this week!

Malawi has its own Memorial Day, March 3rd.  Agora remembers to go Soul Winning on Memorial Day, each year,  because it’s a remembrance of those that have died and gone…well,  maybe to heaven?????

In 2016 we had a person die right in from our Tent. 15 people come over to the booth after the parade resumed and right away gave their lives to Christ.

There were 68 saved in all at the 2016 U.S. National Memorial Day Parade in the Agora Booth in Washington, D.C.  We were the only Church in Maryland that remembered to go Soul Winning on Memorial Day…perhaps the only vendor on the mall!

Plan to join us this year! You WILL be blessed by sharing your faith. If you can’t join us you can support Agora’s Soul Winning ministry. It’s the season of Soul Winning.

Remember, hundreds will come into the Kingdom because
Soul Winners commit to GO!

 To help with Soul Winning or to donate for this wonderful mission, call Don!

(443) 867-6809