Say NO to Pot Manufacturers and Dispensers in Carroll County!

Say ‘NO’ To Marijuana Manufacturing & Pot Dispensers in Carroll!

Please take the time to contact the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, and all of our elected officials to tell them WE DON’T WANT A MARIJUANA MANUFACTURER and Pot Dispensers in Carroll County! We have learned that our Senator, Justin Ready has already written a letter of support for an applicant in Taneytown. Why did he know about it on…

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LEGISLATION: Maryland laws that take effect in 2014

There are many laws passed during the legislative session that went into effect on Sunday, June 1, 2014. You may click on the title of the bill to read the entire text of the legislation.  Here are a few that may interest you: HB 929 Speed Monitoring Systems Reform Act of 2014 – This legislation raises the standards for speed…

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RINOs Threatening to Subvert Maryland’s Most Conservative County

Originally published November 1, 2014  |  The American Thinker By James M. Simpson Three years ago, five newly elected commissioners in Carroll County, Maryland set precedent by taking a bold stand against Agenda 21 in this dark blue state.  They abolished the county “Office of Sustainability” and began extricating Agenda 21 planning concepts from the county master plan.  They were…

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Write In Robin Frazier Nov 4, 2014

Robin Frazier launches write-in campaign against corrupt unions

By James M. Simpson, The DC Independent Examiner October 3, 2014 Robin Bartlett Frazier’s story personifies the threats we face nationwide by the corrupting influence of public employee unions. For the last four years Robin has been District 1 Commissioner in Carroll County, MD. You may have seen her on the Megyn Kelly show when she was interviewed after saying…

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