Councilman Donald Frazier says, ‘YES! We can cut the Sewer Rate!’

On February 4, 2017, Councilman Donald Frazier presented a water/sewer rate reduction plan to the Taneytown City Council.

He says, “Yes, we can cut the Sewer Rate to  $7.63  a 1000 gallon! 2016 was a year of overcharging and tax increases.”

He asks you: “How much did say they charged over the correct price?  Who lost their home because of the 4 to 1 high water and sewer rate?”

If you want to join the fight to lower the water/sewer rate and end the financial injustice, please email Councilman Frazier at today! We need to hear from you!

Sewer rate reduction plan presented to the Taneytown City Council