supports Robin Bartlett Frazier 


Carroll County MD For Trump Endorses Robin Bartlett FrazierCARROLL COUNTY MD FOR TRUMP supports Robin Bartlett Frazier 


andyharrisquote2  I whole-heartedly endorsed Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier because of her proven record of fighting to protect your hard earned dollars and unalienable rights.”
Andy Harris, Maryland 1st District, US Congress

roscoethinkingquote2 We are at a crossroads in our history, and real leaders are desperately needed. Robin is one such leader…”
Roscoe Bartlett, Former Congressman

ellenambasadorquote2 America’s core principles are under attack as never before. Robin Frazier is a dedicated patriot who has fought relentlessly to preserve them.” — Ellen Sauerbrey, Former Ambassador




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