Say ‘NO’ To Marijuana Manufacturing & Pot Dispensers in Carroll!

Senator Justin Ready

Please take the time to contact the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, and all of our elected officials to tell them WE DON’T WANT A MARIJUANA MANUFACTURER and Pot Dispensers in Carroll County!

We have learned that our Senator, Justin Ready has already written a letter of support for an applicant in Taneytown. Why did he know about it on September 29th and the citizens of Taneytown are just learning about it in November? The Mayor has said he does not favor bringing in a Pot Plant, but the Senator’s letter says the Mayor supports it. The letter also says the town council supports it and we know that two of Taneytown’s Councilman, Frazier and Vigliotti certainly do NOT support it.

When things are moving fast and in secret you know something is wrong! Send the message now, the people in Carroll DO NOT want Pot Plants and storefronts that sell marijuana in their small towns. We are fighting drugs, Not inviting drugs, as are some apparently.

At the Taneytown Breakfast today, we learned that Congressman Andy Harris also believes we should fight the growing, dispensing and processing of marijuana in our town and county. He said the legislation has skirted the normal FDA approval process which requires rigorous study and proof of results and safety. The Medical Marijuana has NOT been studied, or it would have been clear, Dr. Harris said, that there are other known and approved alternatives that are effective for the vast majority of people. When he asked one of his doctor colleagues who treats the ailments that medical marijuana is used for, he said there are very few people who do not respond favorably to the remedies already approved by FDA. When Congressman Dr. Harris asked how many might need medical marijuana in his estimation, his colleague said about 12 people in all of Maryland. Why then do you suppose we need 15 growers and a minimum of 94 dispensaries of medical marijuana to treat a dozen people? Because, as Congressman Harris said, medical marijuana is just step one to legalizing recreational marijuana. Don’t be fooled he told us, this is about legalizing marijuana to increase tax revenue, and “Shame on any (elected) official, anywhere, who looks at this (supporting medical marijuana) as a revenue gaining policy.”

Does Senator Justin Ready find Marijuana Money too hard to resist? Citizens in Carroll have been trying to learn what all the secrecy is about with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Medical Marijuana was made legal by the legislature in the last couple of years. Of course, as liberals do, Medical Marijuana was made legal, but the government wants to pick the winners and losers in the name of security. Government must control the growing, dispensing – why will it not be dispensed through Pharmacies anyway? – and processing. While winners line the pockets of those who support their applications and go on to make lots of bucks, the citizens will be left with all the drug related heartache and the bill for government programs to address the social problems. How short sighted and selfish.

I urge you to write to the Cannabis Commission and all of your elected officials to plead with them to ignore the drug money and fight for the countless families that will suffer, contributing to statistics like those of the state of Colorado where Marijuana is legal:

  • Pot related crimes increased 32%
  • Citations for using pot up 245%
  • DUI’s involving marijuana up 70%
  • Marijuana Emergency Room Visits grew 57% in 2 years
  • A 29% increase in emergency room visits by teens
  • Drug related suspensions and expulsions increased 32%
  • Marijuana related traffic fatalities doubled

PLEASE take time in the next day or two to write a letter to:
MMCC, Paul W. Davies, M.D., Chairman
4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore
Maryland 21215

And send an email attention Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission at:, asking the Commission NOT to locate any growers or dispensers in Carroll County!

Then, spread the word!

Ask your elected officials Senator Justin Ready, Phone: (410) 841-3683. Email:, and Delegates Krebs,, Shoemaker, and Rose, (410) 841-3070, and your County Commissioners, 410-386-2400, to do the same.

The Commission is picking 15 growers and there are 23 counties plus Baltimore City. Carroll does NOT have to embrace a Marijuana Factory in her boundaries. Let’s make some noise and let the Cannabis Commission know Carroll County does Not welcome their Pot Growers and the trouble they will bring.

Please download the Senator-Ready Letter (MSWord Document) and get busy!